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New HOA Trash Program

on Fri, 04/19/2013 - 01:09

As a service to the residents of Greystone Estates West, the Home Owners Association (HOA) has negotiated discounted trash service with Deffenbaugh for a 12 month period beginning June 1, 2013.  Each year, with the annual HOA dues notice, an option will be provided for residents to participate in this program.

This service is optional and no resident is obligated to participate

The cost of this service for the first year is $150.00. In order to participate in the program, each resident not currently using Deffenbaugh Industries, Inc. needs to contact them and order service prior to June 1, 2013. Please call Robin Pruett, at Deffenbaugh, at (913) 745-1839 to initiate your service. If you are already using Deffenbaugh for your trash service, no further action is necessary. 
For full details on the Discounted Trash Program, please click here or visit the website FAQ. 

On a sidenote, Superior Disposal has recently notified us that GEW residents who choose to remain Superior customers will have access to a discounted rate of $14/mo billed quarterly.  If you would like the discounted rate kindly contact Superior directly at (913) 406-9460, and let them know you are a Greystone Estates West resident.